Welcome to House of Kids Homeschool Blog! Watch me a mom of 5, grow into the homeschool life our way! Exciting and engaging! We want to bring hands on and Community Education to a whole new level. From Co Op’s to Events for students to on the road learning!

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The Full Story

Hey Guys! Welcome to House of Kids, House of Kids Homeschool that is. Creating this blog has been a passion of doing for a while. I am a mama for 4 almost 5! Three girls, a boy, and Another girl on the way. Our family took the homeschool journey a couple years ago with our littlest and her medical conditions. I was a Makeup Artist for 10 years, dropped everything and took the homeschool role on, our two older girls did not start until this Covid mess happened and it just fit our lifestyle. Now we homeschool all our kiddos and do not plan to stop. 

When I was younger I grew up with my grandmother who worked long hours just to provide for me. School was always my biggest struggle; at least getting what was needed or keeping up with the bigger assignments. We started just building up supplies through the year and making sure I could stay on track. It was with that thought that I made sure my kiddos would never struggle and try to help those around.

Supplies4Kids came to me the year before Covid; I had a few friends needing supplies and with my little build up stock pile I would just hand them out. I created our first event in Hanford, and then Covid hit. We had a year off and now we have planned to Work around Covid; yet smartly. Still collect supplies, still give backpacks to those in need, and now creating fun family and educational events to help keep Supplies4Kids going as a community organization.

Our Mission

House of Kids- Show others anyone can homeschool and suceed; organized and un-organized!

Supplies4Kids- Making school supplies a Priority again!


Homeschool Living; School Supply Giving

House of Kids is homeschool for the organized and the un-organized families just homeschooling the best they can. Supplies4Kids is a non-profit organization in collection school supplies for the students of Kings County. Our Mission: "Making school supplies a priority again!"